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Value with video analytics

Augment staff and improve camera investment ROI by extracting key information from captured video to uncover insights and patterns.

Create a security model

Customize the "monitor and alert" parameters from live-streaming fixed cameras to help identify perimeter breaches,abandoned objects, and more...

Find the buried pictures

Save the when searching for relevent images Advanced content-based algorithms for detection improve time and accuracy of cross-correlation and trend analysis.

State of the art video analytics, B-IVA (Breeze - Intelligent Video Analytics), a technology which helps to monitor and secure the areas of interest detecting threats and suspicious activities.

People Count Solutions

Breeze- Intelligent Video Analytics(B-IVA) abides by the fog computing architecture reducing network bandwidth usage. Adaptive algorithms have been developed to provide accurate counting for both outdoor and indoor counting. Multilayer Background Subtraction, based on colour and texture, the most robust algorithm available for varying shadows and lighting conditions. With the advances in image processing, counting achieve 95% accuracy in some lighting environments. The use of artificial intelligence and pattern recognition functions has enhance its accuracy

Real-time analytics As-delivered results; support programmatic buying and ROI.

Footfall traffic Number of people by time at critical locations within venue.

Reach/frequency Frequency of return visits and multiple touchpoints.

Footpath analytics Relationship within and among critical venue locations.

Attribution Connecting ad locations with retail destinations.

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At Nuevo Network we are focused to deliver best-in-breed Intelligent Video Analytics solutions for to simplify operations, reduce costs, and achieve business agility for our customers.As a progressive organization, we are committed to management transformation benchmarked against industry best practices. Backed by eminent people in the Industry in areas of Corporate management, Human Resources management, Employee share holding plan, Financial management and Quality control, we ensure the best for our share holders and employees.

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